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Gutters are an essential component of residential and commercial properties, ensuring rainwater is directed away from the main structure and disposed of properly. Hail storms can be devastating to gutters. Gutter damage can be repaired, but the cost of replacement is often lower than trying to save damaged gutters.

Global Adjusting and Construction helps property owners in Illinois with restoring hail-damaged gutters. We work with insurance companies to efficiently process the claims to cover the cost of replacing gutters after a hailstorm.

We are one of the best choices for property owners in Illinois who need help with their hail-damaged gutters. We’ve helped many property owners with gutter issues and can tailor our services to meet your unique needs.
We’ll start by removing the gutter, and if it is too severely damaged, we’ll replace it with an identical-style gutter.

We offer free estimates and insurance billing for all of our work. We complete the jobs as quickly as possible so that property owners can get back to their lives without worrying about their gutters not draining correctly.
You will have our complete representation throughout the claims procedure. We will meet your insurance adjuster on site to verify that all storm-related damage is recorded. We will also collaborate with the insurance companies to do the necessary repairs.