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Residential Roofing

Strong wind and hail cause billions of dollars worth of damage each year in the US, and roofs suffer the brunt of the damage.
The consequences of roof damage from hail are determined by various variables, including the size of the hailstone, wind speed, wind direction, roof material, age of the materials, and slope.
You shouldn’t take roof damage lightly; shingle and roof damage can quickly develop into leaks or ice dams if they are not addressed promptly. Mold growth, electrical problems, and rotting wood are all costly to repair once this has occurred.
Global Adjusting and Construction has replaced hundreds of roofs in Chicagoland, including asphalt, flat, and rubber roofs. We serve residential, commercial, and industrial clients, among others. Our adjusters and roofing workers are experienced in working with various roofing systems. Infact we specialize in Wood Shakes and Shingles, Asphalt, and DaVinci Roofing.
You will have our complete representation throughout the claims procedure. We will meet your insurance adjuster on site to verify that all storm-related damage is recorded. We will also collaborate with the insurance companies to do the necessary repairs.